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Andrew Abaza
30 Eaton Place
East Sussex, BN2 1EG
United Kingdom
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Cobwebb Communications, Tonbridge.

We have defined the Company mission, structure and 5 year plan. For the first time we know what the company should look like, what its purpose is and where it is headed.

We have implemented processes in the key areas of our business meaning that we now deliver a more consistent level of quality.

We have documented key processes meaning that they can now be explained, executed and evaluated by more team members.We have been recommended, read and discussed 8 books about personal and business development which have fundamentally changed the paradigms under which we operate.

In the first full year of working with Andrew Cobwebb made record turnover and profits.We are very pleased with the success that we have achieved since Andrew has been mentoring us, and the personal and business growth that has been the result.

Daniel Webb, Director.


SR Industrial, Bracknell

Andrew Abaza initiated a regime of action, which whilst we all know things need to be done, they don’t always get done, the regime enabled different aspects of the business to be investigated and changed with significant improvements.

The action regime has allowed us to plan activities so that a satisfactory outcome can be achieved.

Whilst the economy has affected the company quite dramatically, the slight improvement to the economy has helped the company, but targeted action has achieved more.

Simon Rogers, MD.

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