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Welcome to my new Blog!

This will be my Blog page. Content will be arriving shortly based on blogs I placed on Linkedin. Watch this space!

Why business owners hate people!  23rd August.

Well, a bit strong maybe! I posted this on Linkedin in the middle of August.  But I am finding many business owners find recruiting the right people and then trying to manage them a real block to growth and making more money. Lack of motivation, idleness, dishonesty, poor time keeping, lack of real drive etc etc. These are all  things which business owners tell me are a real block to growth. What are the solutions?

Perhaps first thing is to have a solid expecation of what you want from a team member. I keep coming across vague statements of what people are expected to do and to what standards, and even vaguer understanding by team members of how they should perform. More on this shortly. 

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